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Hand-Sorted White Goose Down

This rare quality is one of our most distinctive downs because it looks and behaves like a “White Eiderdown”. It comes from very mature geese. It is meticulously hand sorted to obtain the largest clusters with the highest densities and cling factor possible. While this down tests out at 800 loft, its Eider-like properties give it the equivalent insulating power of 900 points. Density is a property that does not add loft but adds to insulation because the center of the down cluster is more complex and traps smaller air pockets. Cling is when the down clusters stick to each other and fill all gaps with smaller air pockets to prevent heat loss. This down is incredibly soft, light, and warm for its weight.

  • Sizing
    • Standard: 20" x 28"
    • King: 20" x 36"
  • Shipping & Returns

    In-stock items typically ship in 1-3 business days via FedEx Home Delivery. Tracking information will be provided when items ship.

    Due to the personal nature of linen and down products, no returns can be accepted for these items, except in the case of defect.

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Salzburg - Pillow