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  • Allergy Control - Pillow Protector

    Allergy - Pillow Protector

    100% Cotton Dust Mite-Proof Pillow Protector
    Starting at $34

  • Waterproof Pillow Protector, Detail

    Waterproof - Pillow Protector

    Waterproof and breathable pillow protector
    Starting at $62

  • Waterproof Mattress Protector

    Waterproof - Mattress Protector

    Waterproof and breathable cover for DUX Top Pads
    Starting at $128

  • St. Dormeir - Mattress Protector

    St. Dormeir - Mattress Protector

    Soft cotton terry and wool mattress protector
    Starting at $198

  • DUXIANA Travel Pillow

    Travel Pillow - White

    Home is wherever you lay your head with this portable luxury down pillow.
    Starting at $139

  • Atacama - Throw

    Atacama - Throw

    Italian Cotton Voile Throw
    Starting at $313

  • Andes - Throw

    Andes - Throw

    100% Baby Alpaca Throw
    Starting at $363

  • DUXIANA Terrycloth Bathrobe

    DUXIANA Essentials - Bathrobe

    Luxurious Cotton Terry Bathrobe
    Starting at $150

  • Vilna Throws

    Vilna - Throw

    90% Wool, 10% Cashmere Throw
    Starting at $220

  • DUXIANA Luxury Linen Soap

    DUXIANA - Linen Soap

    Hypoallergenic linen soap for use with all fine linens. Available in lavender and unscented.
    Starting at $4

  • Micromodal Blanket available in Sand, Oyster and Charcoal

    Micro Modal Blanket

    Luxuriously soft Micro Modal and cotton blanket
    Starting at $699

  • Micromodal Travel Blanket available in Sand, Oyster and Charcoal

    Micro Modal Travel Blanket

    Micro Modal and cotton blanket in convenient travel size
    Starting at $499

  • DUXIANA Basecover, Beige

    DUXIANA - Base Cover

    Knit Base Cover for all DUX Beds
    Starting at $360